The first issue of the Journal of the Creation Theology Society is slated for publication in early 2022.

The CTS shall publish a formal peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal that presents the proceedings from the annual conference: selected abstracts from each paper/presentation, full papers from the Themed Interdisciplinary Session, and a transcription of the panel discussion, along with any other articles and book reviews approved through the peer-review process. A hard copy of the journal will be distributed to all members. This journal further contributes to the CTS purpose to promote excellence in Christian scholarship, communicate results of biblical research, and set a standard for interdisciplinary creation research. 

Book Reviews

Each issue of the journal will publish a list of books for review. 

Book reviews for JCTS will include both traditional intradisciplinary review (reviews submitted by the author’s colleagues within his​/her​ discipline; e.g., theologians reviewing theological books) and interdisciplinary reviews (e.g., scientists reviewing theological books on the topic of creation, or theologians reviewing scientific books on the topic of creation). Such diversity of book reviews reflects CTS’s goal of interdisciplinary communication and research.