The Creation Theology Society cooperates with the Creation Biology Society and the Creation Geology Society in organizing and sponsoring annual conferences. Each year this involves the Origins Conference. In these conferences members will present research papers and participate in discussions. In addition, we will conduct a themed Interdisciplinary Session with invited papers on a biblical matter of interest to creation science.

Origins Conference 2021 Announcement, Link for Registration, and Call for Papers

Origins 2021 (the annual meeting of the Creation Theology Society, Creation Biology Society, and Creation Geology Society) is happening!

This year’s Origins Conference will have in-person and online opportunities. Conference fees will be relatively inexpensive. The dates have been changed to July 28-31 so that the conference no longer conflicts with the annual Creation Research Society meeting.

We are doing something new this year: satellite campuses across the United States! We are going to have Origins 2021 take place in 3 different locations simultaneously: California, Missouri, and Tennessee. You can register to come to any one of the 3 locations in person, and anything that happens at a different location will be streamed over to your location! This decision allows for us to still engage in-person fellowship and discussions without forcing everyone to go through long-distance travel in these difficult times. We will also have online-only tickets available for those who cannot make it to any of the 3 locations but would still like to participate.

COVID restrictions will be observed at each location, if needed.


Visit this link to register.

Tickets are an incredibly reasonable $20 for members and $50 for nonmembers regardless of whether you attend in person or online. Tickets this year will not include any lodging or meal options.

Extended Abstract Deadline!

Due to these changes, we are extending the abstract deadline for Origins 2021 to May 3, 2021.

The newly-minted Creation Theology Society (CTS) requests the honor of your contribution to the 2021 Origins Conference. Any topics dealing with the text, philology, hermeneutics, theology, and apologetics of Genesis 1–11 and any other texts dealing with primeval history will be gladly accepted for peer review. Accepted conference papers may then be submitted to be reviewed for publication in the inaugural issue of the Journal of Creation Theology and Science (Series A). The special topic for this year’s annual Interdisciplinary Themed Session is “The Fountains of the Great Deep and the Windows of the Heavens in the Genesis Flood Narrative.” This interdisciplinary session of the conference will comprise two invited papers dealing with the biblical text, an invited paper providing a historical review of the geological/geophysical mechanisms proposed for initiating the Flood, and a panel discussion. The submission of papers related specifically to this topic are encouraged as we seek to move research forward at this year’s conference and in the journal.

The style of the papers must conform to the most recent edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. Submissions shall be made in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double-spaced, and shall include an abstract (under 300 words), keywords, and bibliography. The extended deadline for submission is May 3, 2021. Questions should be directed to the executive editor of CTS at We look forward to receiving your submissions.