The Creation Theology Society cooperates with the Creation Biology Society and the Creation Geology Society in organizing and sponsoring annual conferences. Each year this involves the Origins Conference. In these conferences members will present research papers and participate in discussions. In addition, we will conduct a themed Interdisciplinary Session with invited papers on a biblical matter of interest to creation science.

Origins Conference 2023

Origins 2023 (the annual meeting of the Creation Theology Society, Creation Biology Society, and Creation Geology Society) has not yet been scheduled.

However, the CTS Board has chosen the topic “Created Kinds” for the 2023 and 2024 conferences.

Please watch this space for future announcement of conference details.

Questions regarding submission of papers should be directed to the executive editor of CTS at Before contacting him, please review the previous blog post “Call for Papers: Origins Conference 2022” until details for 2023 are announced.